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Meet Our Team

Ros Gowers


Our team will help you to obtain all of the records and data held regarding your child from both the school and the Local Authority. They will provide initial advice and help to prepare for your case. They may help to clarify which professional assessments are required and provide information about the Special Educational Needs processes and Legislation.

Michelle Simpkins

SEND Tribunal Appeal Representatives

We have been through the process several times for our own children and  understand the emotional, financial and practical difficulties you may experience while trying to gain an appropriate education for your child. We have successfully supported hundreds of families and their children.  We have an extremely high success rate in SEND Tribunal Appeals and in most appeals we gain agreement before the hearing.   

 We can help you to ensure that all evidence is presented clearly, with the application of current Legislation and guide you through the changing options and possibilities which may arise through out your case.  

Tracy Beadle

Evelyn Ashford

Terms & Conditions EHCP Process

 ‘School Search’ :- If you are not sure which school may be appropriate to suit your child’s needs we can provide a list of possible Schools and other alternatives which take into account the information you provide.

Please see our ‘Services’

page or ask for details.

Amanda Burrows

If you need support to attend a difficult meeting such as an ‘Annual Review’ or ‘Transfer Review’ we can advise and help you to prepare or attend with you.

Our staff have extensive experience of the SEN support process and of working with Local Authorities.


 ‘EHCP/Statement Check’:-

If you have a proposed or final Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) we can provide you with a report to advise on its  legality and the value of the content or re-write the document to include all suggested amendments.

We work closely with specialist Educational Solicitors and can seek further advice or refer if we feel that this is required.