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Application for Statutory Assessment - the first step to support from an EHCP - if refused we can assist via mediation or Appeal

Refusal to issue an EHCP following Statutory Assessment, we can assist via mediation or Appeal

EHCP (or Statement) checking service - this is a report on the quality and legality of your child’s Statement or EHCP

School Search Service - This  provides details about schools which may  be suitable - various criteria can be followed upon request

Our Services:

This is a brief summary of our main services - If you have other requirements please contact us and we may be able to help or signpost you to another organisation who may be more suitable.


We can advise on which professional assessments

may provide appropriate

recommendations for Education, Social Care and Therapy.

Terms & Conditions EHCP Process Contact Us


Full SEND Tribunal support for all parts of an EHCP or Statement. We can represent in hearing or assign to Solicitors / Barristers and work with them to prepare your case.


Transfer to EHCP - from Statement, Annual Review, and mediation Advocacy attendance. We can advise, support and take minutes.

Other School meetings on request.  

The EHCP (Education, Health & Care Plan) should fund support for young people up to the age of 25 -  however, there is a shortage of specialist educational placements for the upper age group, particularly for those with Autism who may potentially be able to gain employment and reach independence.  Provision is mainly focused on academic qualifications, without the necessary social & life skills support to secure or maintain a job.  Work experience is very limited. For many young people this may seem quite abstract to them in their impression of ‘real life experience’. Please contact us if you would like further information about ‘Supported Internships’.


Supported Internships: